Today I am sending you a bit of love… all the way from AFRICA.

Okay, I am lying.  But I am really at the next-best-thing-to-the-really-real Africa …  Disney’s ANIMAL KINGDOM! I know.  You hate me. Animal Kingdom Logo

So instead of blogging, I am a slacker.  I hope you understand.  BUT, because I love you and because I am totally feelin’ all Africa-like today, I wanted to post one of the most AMAZING THINGS that I have seen in a long time.

I was totally blown away when I saw this video of Perpetuum Jazzile. First, let me preface – remember the 80’s band Toto (If you are too young to recall them then seriously, OMG!) Specifically, do you remember their big hit- Africa?

Well, check this video out.  The choir is so incredibly talented.  (Keep in mind that there are NO MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS being played.)