Technology IS alive and well, right? I mean, we do have computers and like, that Internet-thingy out there still?

Then can anyone tell me WHY I filled out A TRILLION PIECES of paper with the exact same information last night for each of my kids?

Hello? Public school system? Are you there?

Can any of this stuff be automated? Can we fill some of it out on the Internet? Is there ANY WAY POSSIBLE to make that happen?  Save a tree or two?

I am guessing the answer is no. Or we would have been given that option. Right?  Or maybe this is some sort of test of our parental meddle?  Maybe they want to see what we are made of?

Like, the school system’s version of the Marine Corps challenge or something like that. Weed out the strong parents in advance! The ones who complete their paperwork quota quickly and with the most accuracy will be targeted for PTA and volunteer duties STAT!

Ugh.  (Seriously though. I think I am on to something here!)

Anyway, my husband and I spent almost two hours dealing with this stuff together.  (We each took a kid AND drank some wine.) Two copies per child of: emergency cards, PTA info, busing info, classroom info, and on and on and on…

Not only that but we had like, 2,000 documents to read as well – school handbooks, calendars, classroom rules, grade expectations, newsletters, schedules….A small portion of the paperwork, my friends!


But you know what?  We were strong.  We survived, dammit!  (With a little help from the vino, of course.)

BTW – In case you were  not aware, I have another blog that I write for my local newspaper.  It is called “Mamma Mania.”  I’ve been writing some back to school blogs for them, as well.  If you are interested… check the latest one out here.