My newest goal on the path of reclaiming my mojo?

To be a QUITTER.

Sound odd?  Well, hear me out first.

I’m declaring war and quitting my destructive habits. And, quite frankly, I think you should too.

You know what they are.  Those things that you do that bring you down.  The smoking.  The mindless eating.  The negative thinking.  The second guessing.  The over-reacting.

Listen, if it is a destructive habit and it prevents you from what you want in your life then JUST QUIT.

And while we are on the subject – stop your bitchin’!  Complaining has never helped anybody get anything they wanted in life. It is negative and seriously unattractive.  And lest we not forget, frown lines make you look older.  (Just a helpful public service announcement. You’re welcome.)

Instead of complaining, focus your efforts on what you need to do to make your life work.  Get a solution to your problem.  Create a plan and take some action. Move in a positive direction, even if it is a tiny step.

Whenever I get into a funk about the self-destructive cycles in my life I focus on this quote for a bit of instant motivation: Insanity= doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

Yeah, that Einstein.  He kinda knew a thing or two.

Now GET MOVING, would ya?