Have you ever let yourself dream?

Not daydream.  Not semi-dream.

REALLY dream.  The big ones.  The big bold dreams that you haven’t told anyone.  The no holds barred wished I could be this when I grew up kind?

It has probably been awhile, hasn’t it?  Life has a way of watering down those dreams for many of us.  We let go of those youthful naive goals of ours.  We tone them down a bit and settle for more “realistic” versions.


I found myself daydreaming tonight while watching my son at soccer practice.  I got to thinking about things I would like to accomplish. I went a little crazy, I admit. I got all “Dooced Up” in my head.

And then I took a moment to remember the old days and my youthful exuberance in setting goals.

In that moment it occurred to me that we don’t ever have to give up on our desires.  We can still dream big, even if we are on a completely different path then we envisioned for ourselves.  We impose our own limitations on ourselves.

It is truly never too late to pull out all the stops and make things happen.  You never know what you can do if you REALLY try.

So, confession time. Do you want to know my biggest dream?  Ahem…To make a living off of my writing.  To make this blog thing work.  By “work” I mean to create a place of inspiration using the written word.  To inspire others. If I could ever make a living off of that, well, what could be better?

Just how to do that is another thing entirely… I’m still working on it.  😀