I have become a casualty of the recession. A G A I N.

Damn it! (<— said in the best Jack Bauer impression I can muster.)

My first day back in the office after my lovely Disney Vacation I was informed that my hours and pay were going to be cut by…wait for it… 20%.  TWENTY PERCENT.


Now, I work for a non-profit. I started my new job there on April Fool’s Day.  THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MY FIRST CLUE.

This is the second time that the recession has tried to take me out.

For the majority of last year I worked as an independent contractor for a DC Metro Area PR/marketing and design firm heading up their public relations division.  I handled all of their clients. (Quite successfully, I might add.  Hello? Associated Press? Time? Forbes? Fox News? Ka-ching!)

They were always BEHIND, however, in my payment. (A CLUE, A CLUE! <—- said in my best Blue’s Clues voice) I was a total trusting dweeb-idiot. Yeah, I made that up.

Long story short – they left me owing $4,000.  Yes.  Let me say that again.  $4,000.  Did I mention that it was the holidays and I have two kids and a mortgage?  Did I mention that they folded?  Did I mention that I had to sue them but still won’t EVER see the money cause they were an LLC?

So I was forced to go from independent contractor to full-time worker.  And.. NOW I am a 30 hour a week worker.

But seriously, I am actually happy about this.

I now have more time with the kiddos. (BIG, BIG, BIG ADVANTAGE!) I work 9-3 and can technically breathe a couple of times before my little men come crashing through the door.  Not only that but I am able to pick up some freelance writing jobs and perhaps… WRITE MORE FOR MY BLOG!!!

I predict that I am going to be a kinder, gentler mommy instead of the frenetic, spastic, ohmyGODyouneedwhatfortomorrow’sclass screaming banshee.

So bite me recession. You ain’t gonna take me down yet.