I just saw a picture that someone took of me when I wasn’t “posing” or “sucking in” or “standing up tall” and all I have to say is:  HOW DID I GET TO THIS PLACE? I didn’t even recognize that woman.  She looked tired and stressed and heavy. She looks… (gulp) middle aged.

Ever have a moment like this?  Can you even relate?

Last summer I was in a BIKINI. (True.) Thanks to eating clean and following the Body For Life principals I lost tons of weight and was in a bikini for the first time since I was 16.  My brother actually told me that he was worrying that I was loosing too much weight.  Let me repeat that: LOOSING TOO MUCH WEIGHT. I had to laugh. In all my life no one ever said that to me. Ha!

And now.  Well, now I am working full time plus freelancing plus suffering from a running injury while raising two little men and taking care of a house, a husband, one dog, four fish and one bearded dragon.  Not to mention writing a blog, dealing with social schedules, sports leagues and trying desperately to keep in touch with my friends.

Talk about loosing your mojo.  Now, granted, I have been working slowly but surely towards regaining my “hip factor.”  (As my girlfriend calls it.) I’ve been focusing on expanding my horizons and experiencing new places and taking mini-adventures.  I’ve also been running again, albeit sporadically.

I guess I just needed something to spur me into action. WELL NO LONGER.

Look out people.

I look at that picture and only one thought comes to mind, “Oh, HELL no!”