On Saturday the husband and I took the boys up to Hancock, MD to participate in my father’s hunting club family event.  (Which, trust me, is another blog post entirely – guns, worms, machetes, peeing in public… you name it, we experienced it.)

On our way to this fabulous event we traveled a road that brought back a ton of memories… that hellish road that marked the beginning of my participation in the 2008 Ragnar Relay.  For those of you not familiar with the Ragnar Relay, it is basically a 182+ mile relay race from Cumberland, MD to Washington D.C.  I was one of 11 runners that made up the “Supa-Junkie” team.  (Video of me being an idiot here.)

It was the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life, aside from giving birth. Maybe even worse than giving birth. I’ve sort of blocked all of that labor and delivery stuff out of my brain as sort of a defense mechanism so don’t trust me on this, but still…

In any event, as I found myself driving along the very same route I trudged through last year (AT THIS SAME TIME)and I found myself strangely energized. I was a BADASS, folks. Who the heck does something like that anyway? My particular relay routes had miles and miles of hills.  (One hill alone inclined for three consecutive miles… of that I do not joke. It never stopped going UP.) It rained two out of three of my routes (one of which occurred at 1am in the morning) and I slept for one measly hour through the 25 hour relay.  Impressive? Um, YEAH.

Yes, I was energized. And then, I was depressed.  I couldn’t help but think about how I am nowhere near the chic I was this time last year. I’m all injured and stressed and mopey.  Yeah. MO P E Y.

But you know what? I got inspired again. I know that girl is still in there somewhere. That girl that dared to tackle a seemingly impossible task. That girl that had the guts and stamina to look upon those hills as an adventure that she would laugh about later.  THAT girl had mojo. No doubt about it.  It just took 182 miles to prove it to herself.

Why should YOU care? Because somewhere inside of YOU there is a badass as well.  Think not? Well look a little deeper.  You don’t have to do something ridiculous like I did to prove it to yourself.  Inside you know that you are more than “just” a mom or “just” a 9-5er or “just” another “nobody.”  You might have to dig deep to find your inner “bad” but it is there.Right on, sista!

It shouldn’t take you 182 miles of running in the pouring rain to prove it to yourself… take a short cut and just trust me on this one, alright?

FUN QUOTE OF THE DAY: “There will invariably be people who do not accept you. And in that case you must be your own badass self without apology.” – Anonymous