Oh the “mommy blogger.” She has been the subject of ridicule, the subject of admiration and now, with the upcoming release of the movie Motherhood, she is coming to the big screen. (Via a harried Uma Thurman)

Obviously she is also a subject that I know very well.  Let’s face it, I AM her.  Well, I am one of the many mothers out there claiming their voice in the blogosphere hoping upon hope to find meaning, a little camaraderie and praying that someone else out there will understand and join in with me on my self-discovery journey.

So with the impending release of this film it is pretty accurate to say that these are indeed exciting times for mommy bloggers.  (For the record, “mommy blogger” is a term I am not particularly fond of.  I would just like to be called a “blogger.” Thankyouverymuch. Or “queen of the world.”)

In any event, I was asked to join in on a conference call interview with one of the film’s stars – Anthony Edwards. Yes, THAT Anthony Edwards.  Dr. Mark Greene from ER or as my husband so eloquently put it “GOOOOOOOSE!” from Top Gun. I’ve discovered in the past 4 hours that EVERY MAN I KNOW loves “GOOSE.” Alright, already. Point taken. Edwards play’s Uma Thurman’s husband Avery in the film.

Motherhood MovieOne of the most charming things about the interview was the fact that Edwards began the call with a bit of an apology, explaining that he was pushing his seven-year-old’s bike to the shop to have it repaired. Totally endearing admission, by the way. Gotta love a man who can multi-task.

The impression that I got of the film from talking with him is that it hopes to be a funny but honest take on the complexities of motherhood and women’s struggle to not loose themselves in the process of raising their family. (Gee, sound familiar?)Motherhood Movie Poster

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this film turns out. What about you?

It is being released selectively on October 23rd and I will be sure to let you know more as I get the information!  In the meantime you can become a fan on their Facebook page or follow the film via Twitter!