Can we just skip the mornings?

I truly don’t know why I can’t seem to get it together in the morning. I try. God knows I do try.

It is like that time of the morning is just jinxed for me. No matter how hard I try or how early I get up, when that bus rolls around we are running to catch it…. jackets flying behind us, breakfast being shoved into mouths.  A true motherhood FAIL moment.

I don’t know who to blame – my kids or myself. 

On the one hand – my kids are slow to get up, slow to motivate and would rather be playing with toys rather than getting it together for the school day.  Plus they never want to eat what I have for them. It is almost comical how completely WRONG I am when it comes to feeding the little tykes.  No wonder they look like they are from a third world country.

On the other hand – There is the issue of my disorganization.  Or IS IT disorganization?  Maybe I am multi-tasking so much that I am  not getting a damn thing done well?  Trying to squeeze in laundry and straightening the kitchen and wiping things down plus get the kids and myself ready not to mention the dang dog.  There are mornings that I am up at 5am… WHAT AM I DOING WRONG, PEOPLE?  It is enough to make me throw my hands up in frustration!

Before you try to offer up suggestion, here are the things I know I should do:

  • Pack lunches THE NIGHT BEFORE.
  • Have the kids pick out their clothing THE NIGHT BEFORE.
  • Have their bookbags packed and all relevant items signed THE NIGHT BEFORE.
  • Be dressed and ready MYSELF by 7am.
  • Take 20 deep breaths before I wake them and the chaos ensues.

I know, I know, I know, I know, I know!!!

The funny thing is that when my husband is in charge, well, the kids are absolute angels. Or so I convince myself. I think he is just a better disciplinarian. I must be a complete and total pushover.

Anyone else out there scrambling to get through the morning ritual? Am I the only one who thinks pizza is an acceptable breakfast?