We interrupt the regularly scheduled blog post to bring you this news bulletin: OHMYGOSHIHAVEASTYLESECTIONINAMAGAZINE!

No idea what I just said? That is because I am so excited!  (WARNING: This blog post might be peppered with an unbelievable amount of exclamation points.)

I just got the new issue of Frederick Magazine in which appears my first ever STYLE SECTION!!"Style"... according to Moi.Yes, I am going to be obnoxious about this because really, am I qualified? According to my sister – NOTSOMUCH.

According to my editor – apparently.

NOW do you understand my unrelenting need for exclamation points???!!!!

A magazine girl’s dream to be sure.  To bad I don’t get to keep the fab clothing that I featured.   At least I got the chance to try on the hat before I had to return it.  (It is one of many from the fabulous Tiara Day store. I could live there, truly.)

Le fabulous hat!Come to think of it, this section might end up being more of a problem then a blessing.  I have a feeling my wardrobe might be expanding in the future. Oh well, all in the name of research right?