Wanted to share with you some resources that I have discovered on the ‘Net.  I just came across these and felt they were too good not to share and very relevant in the blogosphere.  Hope you enjoy them – let me know what you think!Resource

How To Pitch A Blogger – This is a great piece. I enjoyed this from both sides… obviously I am a blogger who gets all kinds of wacky pitches. (WACKY. Just worth repeating) On the flip side I am also a PR professional who, herself, pitches regularly. (Not to bloggers as of yet, though.) I loved this specific quote: “You can’t act like a blogger is some strange, otherworldly creature. You just use the same set of rules you would use when speaking to a normal person, in normal conversation.” Thank you JT!  I subscribe to PR Breakfast Club myself. It is a gem!

15 Days of Marketing – First I just want to say that I love Jessica of Jessica Knows.  I’ve been reading her blog forever and I just really relate to her and enjoy her writing. I was “with her” when she decided to jump back into professional life and I’ve been “virtually” supporting her from afar.  That being said, she has begun this fabulous program called 15 Days of Marketing.  And, because I wanna have a big-girl-blog like Jessica’s, I am all ears. I really suggest you head over to her site to check it out. It really is worth the time to participate.

And on a totally different note…

Makeover Momma – Such a fun girly site!  Found her totally by accident and I’ve been addicted ever since! She posts on fashion, beauty, nutrition and fitness – always relevant! Right ladies?  Well, she has become a kind of “partner” in my new frump to fabulous goal by helping me to be accountable.  How? By featuring me as a “Real Momma Fitness Insider.” I’ll be keeping track of my progress and giving updates.  Talk about motivation!  How can you fail? Read the first post here.