If I seem a little distracted and my posts are a bit “disjointed” (which is a nice way of saying ALL OVER THE PLACE or NON EXISTENT) it is not because I don’t love you.  Really!

The next 72 hours will be filled.  And I mean to the point of no sleep.  Exciting and yet, a little daunting.  In the end, some of this will actually benefit YOU.  I swear! Shall I fill you in?  "To Do"

Finish up article due, um, three days ago.
Conference call with Uma Thurman (YES, THAT UMA THURMAN!) about her new movie Motherhood.  Arrange for movie giveaway on blog.
Work all day.
School parent-teacher conferences for Tiny Ninja and Young Jedi.
Attend pre-opening celebration for Moxie Cafe. (Yeah Elin!)
Set up for huge fundraising event for work.

Huge fundraising event for work
Set up “Disney on Ice” blog promotion for readers. (YOU!)
Write Uma Thurman blog piece.
Work all day.
Work on another article that is due, um, Friday. (Dude, how does this happen?!)
Attend second fundraiser for work.
Finish copy writing job
Clean for my in-law’s visit this weekend!!!

I should have added – “Twitter about exhaustion” in there. Or “drink heavily” or “hide in the closet and suck my thumb.”  I am starting to consider hiring another “me” to care for my family cause I didn’t even include them in the list.  🙂  Looking over my list of “things to do” I am reminded of a Sean O’Casey quote I once heard: “All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.”

So true, so true. You know despite all of this I am in a great mind-frame.  I have a positive attitude… I mean, I am blessed with work. (Even too much at times!) and I am able to offer you all some exciting opportunities.  So, really, I am doing what I love.  And what could be better than that?