So, for EONS I have been threatening my kids with needles.  Specifically, dental needles.  Muwahahaaaaa!!! (Oh whatever. I know I am a bad mom. That has been established already, K?)Evil Dentist

ANYWAY…. I have been fighting with Tiny Ninja and Young Jedi about brushing their teeth for AGES. They barely brush.  In fact, I am not certain that they do anything other than swish toothpaste around their mouths and spit.

Lots of SPIT. They are good at that part. Cause everybody knows that SPITTING is by far the best part of brushing one’s teeth. I mean, duh!

So, it has actually been quite some time since they visited the dentist.  I was certain they were in for some serious drilling. In fact, I kind of hoped they would get some drilling action.  I mean, they NEVER listen to me about the brushing thing! It would SERVE. THEM. RIGHT.

In my continued quest to constantly multi-task, I triple booked our appointments yesterday so that I could wipe out the two boys and myself all at once. (Go mom!) In any event, we all got complete work-ups at the same time.

So it was with much anticipation that I awaited the results of Ninja and Jedi’s x-rays.  And you know what they had? NOTHING. No mouth action AT ALL.  How is this possible!!?  Do they have MAGIC SPIT?

The suckiest part of the whole ordeal was that I  ENDED UP WITH A MOUTH FULL OF NEEDLES FOR CRAP’S SAKE.  What is up with that? I had a permanent crown put on for the bargain price of $6 million dollars.  JEEZ!

Rub it in brat!<—–I swear that I saw the little buggers’ smirk.  Remind me to ground them later.

Oh, and my favorite quote of the excursion?  “Mom, I would rather go to the dentist any day then spend time at school!”  Perfect ending to a perfect day.