I feel like I am living in a nightmare.

You see… it just sits there.

Taunting me.

Mocking me.

Those bags of UNOPENED HALLOWEEN CANDY laying in my pantry. As much as I fear them now, the true horror comes after they are opened.

AFTER the kids go Trick or Treating. Halloween Candy

AFTER they go to bed.

That is when my REAL horror movie begins.  It is the official start of a wicked holiday season that begins with mounds of chocolate and ends with egg nogg and pie.  Oye. I am soooooo not ready for this!

MUST. RESIST. CHOCOLATE.  (Anyone else out there get the feeling I am fighting a loosing battle?)

(Note: This entire post was inspired by Sarah of Classy and Fabulous.  She totally Twittered out a picture of unopened candy stating: “I feel like I am being tortured by indescribable evil.”  And holy hell – did I relate immediately! EVIL CANDY. EVIL.)