Last night I took my family to see Disney on Ice in Baltimore.  So super fun!

My kids had a blast.  I had a blast.  My husband… well, he had fun but his Phillies are in the World Series so he was kinda preoccupied.

100_4344THE BEST PART?  I got to hang with my gals!  Lara of Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom and Mary of Pajamas & CoffeeSA-WEET!

Together we make one fine group of, um, Hip Chicken Nuggets In Pajamas?  Well, whatever.  You get my point.

Not exactly the same as a girl’s night out but still, it was nice to connect for the night.

When you put us all together we have like, 382 kids so we DID have to pay attention to the little buggers and make sure we kept track of them.  Cause how bad would that look if we lost kids at a Disney show?

Actually, I am sure it has been done before.  And that might have made a good blog post, come to think of it…but anyway.

Want to see some more pictures? Check out my Flickr.

Wanna see my official review or get tickets?  Check it out here.

BUT ONE LAST THING… You know how I feel about Tinkerbell, right?  Tinkerbell Waving To MeWell, last night she was there and I swear she was waving JUST TO ME.  No, not to those darling little pre-schoolers all dolled up in their fairy wings.  Me!

I can die happy now.  😉