Any readers live in New York?

I might need your cell number, cause I’m pretty sure I am getting arrested this week.  Thursday, specifically.

So if you could be available that evening, I would really appreciate it.


Because Thursday night I will be in New York city with some gal pals watching these men….hugh-jackman-daniel-craig

I know. I know.  It is hard enough looking at them.  But friends, I will be within sweating distance of them.  For realz.

I cannot promise that I will make the best choices while I am in the Big Apple.  And although I will be with three other girlfriends, I KNOW that they will be of little or no use to me in the “think about this before you act irrationally because you have a family and reputation back home” department.

So I need to formulate a back up plan because there is NO WAY IN GOD’S GREEN EARTH that my husband will bail me out of jail because I was arrested for pawing two hot male actors.  I know him well enough to be able to predict that with some accuracy.

Oh, and if you bail me out you are gonna have to bring some extra cash because I am pretty sure the other three ladies will be in the lock-up with me.

Because that is how we roll.