Okay, I have pushed it to the limit.  Truly.

For awhile I was even inadvertently IN STYLE.  Well, no longer.  I am a hot mess.


I’m not even going to address all the things that make me a hot mess in this post… I’m just gonna focus on the MOST ANNOYING AND GLARINGLY OBVIOUS ONE:

I am sporting three inch roots these days. (THINK bad Saturday Night Live skit. THINK trailer park. THINK the scary women in WalMart.) And I can no longer let it go for another week.  I am going to NYC on Thursday and Friday and I have a big appointment coming up shortly thereafter. (Not trying to be cagey but the “appointment” is another blog all together.)

NO TIME TO SPARE. And now I am stressed out about it.

This dilemma got me thinking…

Why is it that it takes a major event for most women to take care of themselves? We are so busy taking care of everything else that we put it off until we just can’t possibly put it off anymore.  Until the last possible moment.  And then (voila!) we create more stress in our lives.

That is just SAD. I know that “it is life.” But I still think it is sad.

I do this all the time.  From fixing food for the family to exercising to engaging in a hobby to buying new underwear, even.  I encourage and take care of everyone else and rarely put myself in the front of the line.  On the sparse occasion that I do put myself first… I ALWAYS feel guilty about it.

It usually takes major event, like the one coming up, to force me to handle it.

UGH.  Anyone else out there relating?

On the bright side…. I’m going to New York on Thursday and Friday.  HOLY $#@%!  I’ll fill you in tomorrow!