I’m not a moron, okay?  I realize that November comes after October in the great scheme of things.

But I still can’t believe it.

How EXACTLY did this happen?  I mean, we are heading straight for Christmas.  FULL STEAM AHEAD. Can somebody slam on the brakes for me?!

I’m barely feeling fall-ish. I’ve not ONCE rolled in a pile of leaves.  Not ONCE had a cup of cider. Not ONCE baked pumpkin seeds.  And now, well, NOW I might as well be drinking egg nog.  My kids even asked to watch a Christmas movie last night.


Our weekends have started booking up.  You know that pre-holiday scheduling that everyone does?  I’ve already been invited to a holiday party.  My husband is leaning on me to start Christmas shopping.

Is everybody NUTS?

I am suddenly feeling like Scrooge.