I’m really trying hard to discipline myself as far as blogging is concerned and keep my creative writing juices flowing.  So when I saw the  opportunity to participate in “National Blog Posting Month” I signed right on up!

This might have been a huge mistake.

Carrie Bradshaw, I am not.

I generally need a bit of inspiration to blog.  Inspiration=ridiculous things that happen to me.  Ridiculous things happening to you generally turn out to be challenging and more often than not, embarrassing.

BLOGI usually try to shy away from a life rife with drama and incredulous moments.  I get the feeling that this month I may instead be seeking these moments out in order to find my blogging muse.


This could be an interesting 30 days.

At least you know where to come if you are looking for something ludicrous to read in the next month.  Oh, and be sure to leave me a comment or two… I have a feeling I might need them. 🙂