What a surreal couple of days I have had… from the lights and glam of New York to the muddy soccer fields of Maryland.  From caviar to PB&J.

Which end of the spectrum would you like me to write about today?  I am guessing that you can relate to soccer mud and peanut butter sandwiches but you probably would rather hear about caviar and Broadway.

Am I right?

I spent Thursday and Friday on a long anticipated adventure in the Big Apple with three girlfriends.  As you can imagine – it was fantastic!  And completely inappropriate for children.  (Which was somewhat of a goal, to be honest.) We stayed at an ultra-hip W Hotel in the middle of Times Square, shopped uptown, downtown, in SoHo and Tribecca and even sampled Caviar and sipped cocktails at the Russian Tea Room. We ate food that I couldn’t pronounce, drank wine in the middle of the afternoon, browsed through Tiffany’s, tried on ridiculous clothing and topped it all off with a fabulous night on Broadway.NYC Cocktails Rock


My experience there deserves its own paragraph. (Heck, it could be it’s own blog, for crying out loud!) We went to see A Steady Rain starring Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig.  It was an amazing play. If you are even considering seeing it…GO.  Don’t even think twice.   They were unbelievably convincing.  Two men, two chairs and a dialogue. For awhile I even forgot that they were totally hot.  Which is my way of saying – terrific acting, gentlemen! 😉 And in true NYC fashion, guess who sat four rows in front of us?  Big (Actor Chris Noth) from Sex in the CityI kid you not. And as luck would have it, that very evening Hugh and Daniel (Yes, I am on a first name basis with them now.) announced that they were locking the audience in for a special after-event to raise money for AIDS research. They literally started auctioning off their clothes while I was there.

Oh. Yes. They. Did.

So, in a nutshell, this mommy’s visit to NYC went very, very well.  If you would like to see some pictures, take a look-see here.

I’m thinking this has just morphed into an annual event.