I did it.  I jumped in with both feet…

I bought my conference pass for BlogHer 2010.  I am beyond excited!

At this point I only know two people  who are also planning on attending in August.  So if YOU are planning on going… PLEASE, PLEASE leave me a comment or shoot me an email (jlgerlock at comcast.net) so we can get to know one another well in advance.

I am truly looking forward to the experience.  Especially considering that I totally STALKED BlogHer on Twitter this year. Anyone who at any time mentioned BlogHer on Twitter was known to me.  I read the blogs.  I checked out pictures. I played the Whrrl stories.

Obsessed?  Me?  Just a little.

(As an aside, I am still open to conference sponsorship.  Please contact me directly for details and arrangements.)