Listen up, Hollywood.

I have something I would like to scream at you:  Stop making adult movies out of children’s playthings!!!

It is not fair to the children who beg to see your movie because they think it is about their heroes OR to the parents who are now needing to protect them from their so-called heroes.

For example:  G.I. Joe. Was it really necessary to make it into a violent, blood-soaked movie? Really?

And how about Transformers?

Let me tell you a little bit about what happened after my kids watched Transformers…. You know what ONE WORD my children retained from that movie?  “MASTURBATING.” (Did you know that they threw that little ditty in the movie? Why, yes.  Yes, they did.)

sexy Transformers
Oh yes, this is definitely appropriate for a child.

That very word came out of my son’s mouth.  Actually, that word came out of my son’s mouth while talking to MY FATHER.  Can you imagine my dad’s reaction?

Transformers 2 wasn’t any better.  A lot of sexuality in that one.  We unfortunately found that fact out while accompanying my son to his friend’s (9 year old) birthday party at the movies.   Her mother was totally mortified.  Blatant sexuality wasn’t in the first one.  I mean, what the hell?

You know, there are so many “family” movies out there that would be JUST FINE if you would just leave out the random f-bomb or stupid sexual innuendo.  You know what might happen if you left out all the cussing and the sex?  You might actually have a blockbuster on your hands.