I’m going to be really raw with you guys about something…  elementary school is breaking my heart.

You see, I have one son who is incredibly gifted.  Young Jedi is in third grade.  He is smart.  He is articulate.  School is almost too easy for him.

My little Ninja (fourth grade) on the other hand – is struggling.  He has ADD.  He has an IEP.  He has a problem with his executive functioning But he is an amazingly pure and sweet little soul with the best of intentions.

He tries so hard to comprehend what comes so easy to other children.  We’ve had him in reading clinics for years.  He has had tutors.  Right now he is even  in an after school program for math.

He tries so damn hard.

Last night he ended up curled up under my kitchen table crying his little eyes out because he just COULDN’T UNDERSTAND.  It was the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen.  In fact, I am crying right now just remembering it.

My heart just aches for him.

All I could do was scoop him up into my lap and rock him back and fourth.

School just sucks sometimes.