Do you ever hide from your family?

Stupid question.  Well, OF COURSE you do.

Are there every any time when you just need a moment to yourself?  Or you just can’t deal with the situation?  Or perhaps JUST CAN’T MENTALLY TAKE IT ANYMORE?


What do you do about it?  I personally have tried the they’ll-never-find-me-in-the-bathroom trick and the I’m-changing-I’ll-be-right-down trick.

Neither work for me. Nobody cares.

I have no dignity.

So I don’t hide anymore.  Instead I sometimes DON’T COME HOME. Which of course is a also form of hiding…only more effective than the hanging out on the potty or pretending to be  in various states of undress.

Case in point… last night I had to run out and make a presentation for work.  I left the kids in the care of my wonderful husband for the night. He had to handle the soccer game, their homework and bedtime.  Now, I happened to get out of the presentation a little bit earlier than expected and called home with the intent of informing the family.  Immediately upon picking up the line, hubby told me that  Tiny Ninja  had a science quiz the next morning and that studying was NOT GOING WELL. 


At which point my car ACCIDENTALLY veered itself away from the house and towards the grocery store.

Ahem. Yes. I went to the grocery store to avoid the family.  I just wasn’t ready to deal with a science quiz.  Truthfully, science is torture for me.  So I hid at the grocery store.

I know… SAD.  And yet, victorious at the same time.