Once again I have to share with you the brilliance that is my friend Karen. She is really a gifted, yet warped,and incredibly funny mommy.  (Read her guest post here.) And although I have not yet convinced  her to write her own blog, she is kind enough to let me share with you some of my favorite Karen-isms.  For example:  Every year she writes these funny pharmaceutical-themed carols that just make me smile.  Can anyone else relate?

Yeah, I thought so.

(Sung to the tune of “Winter Wonderland”)

Cell phone rings…I’m not listening
Because today….I’m CVS-ing
A beautiful sight.
I’ll be happy tonight.
Walking with some Xanax in my hand.

Gone away…a migraine that hurts.Holiday Stress
Told PTA…I think they’re all jerks.
Feel I can do no wrong.
Might even put on a thong.
Walking with some Xanax in my hand.

In the morning, I meet a nice policeman.
Stops me going 90 through downtown.
He says – “Are you harried?”
I say NO, man!
I just can’t feel my toes, or hear a sound…

Later on…my buzz expires.
My pharmacist…has been fired.
I’ll still face the day.
Found some more on eBay.

Walking with some Xanax in my hand!