Ahh, the Christmas elves have arrived and right on schedule my friends.

In my house we have a tradition that has been passed down from my childhood.  You see, we believe that on Thanksgiving Santa Claus sends his elves all over the world to monitor boys and girls in the last couple of weeks before Christmas.

Kind of like “Secret Service” agents or holiday spies, if  you will.  They make their arrival known by leaving a present on Thanksgiving.  It doesn’t matter where you are… they FIND YOU.  And from there on out, you are being monitored very, very closely.The Elves have arrived!

Every child in the world who is a believer get’s their own special elf – ours are named Jingle and Jangle.  We know this because often they will leave little notes to let my children know how they are doing.

Sometimes you can almost see them, if you are quick enough.  Why last year we almost caught both of them in the boy’s room… they left the window open and a trailer of magic dust behind. WE WERE SO CLOSE!

So even though we have nary a decoration put into place or a light hung, we have already ushered in the holiday season – ELF STYLE!

Don’t you just love holiday magic?