Life balance.

I’m kind of sick of that phrase.  It gets tossed around way too much in my personal opinion.  It has begun to sound a little cliche. Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong impression … I WISH I HAD IT.

I think we all do.

I believe that “life balance” is incredibly different for everyone.  My idea of life balance is having joy and peace in my home.   I fully realize that is not always possible.  (I mean, I have two boys… under the age of 11.) But I do think that a sense of calm and happiness is imperative if I/we (meaning: my family) are going to succeed.

I’ve found that in my home there is one truth (warning – it is also a bit cliche) “If Momma ain’t happy…”  I assume you know the rest.

So in my quest to attain that “happy place” for my entire family, I made a bold and radical decision.

I quit my job.



You think I am kidding, don’t you?

To answer your questions… Yes, I am aware of the economy.  Yes, I am aware of the implications. Yes, I am aware of my responsibilities.

But most of all, I am aware of those two other little beings who look to me for comfort, love, guidance and protection.  I need to be there for them.  Mentally, as well as physically.  What I can tell you is that the specific job function I was performing (at a wonderful organization, by the way) brought  very large amount of stress and anxiety into my life.  For the past seven months, I was not a good mother.  I was not a good wife.  I was not a good friend.

It just didn’t work for me at this time in my life with my circumstances.

Before you include me in your prayer chain (which would actually be okay, now that I am thinking about it) know that I am still working with that organization in a different capacity.  One more fit for my needs and talents.  One that will allow me to BREATHE.  I will also be gathering more work as an independent contractor and consultant, as well as field trip chaperone and classroom party organizer.  🙂  (Check out my about page if you want more info on me professionally.)

Am I nervous about my gamble?

Surprisingly… NO.

I am at peace.

Sometimes to make the right decision, you need to make the “wrong” decision.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes