Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car?

I did that today.  AGAIN.

Every day I park in the parking garage behind my office building and every day I hike up and down that stairwell to my destination.  Here lately… I have wound up completely LOST, having no blessed clue where I parked my stinkin’ car.

I am just so used to making the same trip day in and day out that it is automatic for me.  I am pretty much a zombie traveling here, there and all over the place.

And today, when I once again found myself wandering aimlessly through the rows of automobiles, it struck me that my lost car debacle was a symbol.  That search was more than a just a common frustration.  It was symbolic of how many people live their lives every day –  totally and completely on AUTO PILOT. Searching for something.Confused

It is a shame, really.

Many of us travel through life in a sleepy state of acceptance, never really knowing what our purpose or passion is.  Just accepting what fate throws our way.  Reacting, rather than strategically planning our existence.

Such a tragedy.  Don’t you think?

I think we need to “live out loud” with an unbridled passion.  We should laugh way too much. (Giggle, even.) We should dance every single day.  (Badly) We should be spontaneous! (When was the last time you did THAT?) We should reach down deep inside and pull out those secret yearnings and really examine them to see if there is a way we can bring them to fruition.  (Why NOT begin to paint again? Dust off that old book manuscript and finish it!)

So here is my challenge to you: I want you to WAKE UP! Do something completely different today.  (Even if it is ordering a Cafe Mocha as opposed to your boring old decaf.) Turn off the auto-pilot and start creating the existence that you’ve always wanted.

Oh, and while you are at it…  try to remember exactly where you parked your car.