Can I get up on my soap box for a second?

What is wrong with the  media these days?  People, I am tired of it.

Jon Gosslin is broke. Oh THERE is a shocker.  Really?  What? We didn’t see that sucker coming?  We were under the impression that he was the man of the house?  And Tiger.  Oh, Tiger.  A 14th mistress? Really?


I have to tell you – I can’t watch/read the news anymore.  Everything is just so INAPPROPRIATE. I mean, I have two young boys in my house.  These children’s ears are tuned in. They hear everything.  (Especially if I don’t want them to!)

The news just fills their little minds with tragedy and loss and violence.  Not to mention, sex.  Case in point: the other day my son asked me, “Mommy.  What is a rapist?”

I had no idea how to answer him without filling his little mind with evil.TV News Camera

I don’t know about you but I don’t WANT my kids to discover these types of issues yet.  It fills me with dread when I hear the news media talk about fathers that kill their families or authority figures that abuse children or soldiers that kill innocent victims.  And of course, these are exactly the stories that the folks obsessively focus on.

When kids overhear this type of thing, slowly the confidence they have in their surroundings and their view of the way that the world SHOULD BE just melts away.

Why doesn’t anybody report on the GOOD in the world?

At least then I could turn the TV on again.