So yesterday’s snowfall went from being “awesome” to “worrisome” to “concerning” to “snowpocalypsemageddon!”

Can we get a little plow help here?


Personally, I am not freaking out but I can see the concern from many folks.  My husband says that we have 19 inches on the ground.The house.

Our roads were plowed only once and that was at nine in the morning yesterday.  I’m thinking that we aren’t going anywhere soon.  Luckily for me, wi-fi is still on and coffee/wine are fully stocked.  I’m totally prepared.  (In case you read my blog yesterday, be not concerned for my children… my husband made a grocery store run in the morning and we now have food in the house.)

So to state the obvious: My kids are beyond elated.


Today promises to be a better snow day for them because no precipitation is falling. Yesterday they couldn’t sleigh ride very well because the snow was falling too fast and their sleds weren’t cooperating.

But today is another day all together. And they can barely contain their excitement.  I don’t even want to address the school issue yet.  My personal thinking is that if we can’t walk down our road, chances are slim that they will have school tomorrow.

But I’m not telling them that.  I am afraid of the reaction I might get.  It could put them over the edge.  I don’t think I can deal with that kind of energy right now.

Something tells me that I’d better get another cup of coffee…STAT.