Wrapping presentsSo yesterday, my husband and I spent the evening wrapping Christmas presents for the kids and watching holiday movies.  One being “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

That movie always makes me cry.

In the midst of my crying jag emotional state, I started to really ponder my own Christmas wishes.  I realized at that point in my life they basically boil down to two things – health & happiness.

Health for my oldest son as he battles some of his learning challenges.  (Which is another blog post entirely, let me tell you.) Happiness for my family, no matter what the circumstances, and a hope that their mom (meaning: me) can have a lighter heart and successfully translate that into a more fun atmosphere for everyone concerned.  (Okay, I admit… in a perfect world I would like an iPhone as well but, I digress.)

I thought it might be interesting to reach out to some of my Twitter pals this morning and see what was on their personal Christmas wish list.  Here are the responses I got:

@DanPatrell I wish for a marketplace that looks forward to a great 2010 & an exciting new decade. Barring that, a PS3 would be nice.

@KevinBruce I wish for a cost of living raise… for the last 2 years.

@Multitaskingme My Christmas wish is that my 12 and 13 year old will get along on the drive to Florida =)

@2Cleanornot2 I wish for time. Time to do the dishes, laundry and clean the house without taking me away from my boys & watching them grow.

@Makeovermomma I really wish that everyone I know effected by the economy (including ourselves) can find some relief. I also hope that my baby (who we just found out is hard of hearing) can get her new hearing aids, and start doing better!

@BethSchillaci Totally sappy, but I wish people would just slow down and be kinder and more considerate of others.

@Diaryofanewmom Mine is for more me-time in 2010. Yeah, right…

@Smartdogu My wish: to have the strength and fortitude to give Talos back this fall. I can’t even think about it right now…  (Talos is the guide dog she is training.  Sniff, Sniff..)

@ResourcefulMom My Christmas wish is to a.) enjoy time with my family without thinking about work b.) return in the New Year to a kinder online community.

@Sldmorgan On my Christmas wish list: home loan approval and no major repairs needed after today’s inspection. And World Peace!

@Dcrmom To make it through the holidays with no one getting sick! I don’t think we’ve EVER had that!

@Tryitmom My Christmas wish is to continue being able to stay at home with my little guy!

@DgurrieMy wish – a successful, happy, prosperous year full of friendships, laughs and love.

@LisaGorham My Christmas wish is 4 ALL the troops 2 stay safe so they can come home 2 their family & friends…Come home 4 good is my ultimate wish.

Love it!  So my dear friends, may all of your wishes come true!