I might be divorced soon.

I really might.

You see, I married a good man.  A patient man.  A sweetheart of a man.

But still… he is probably going to leave me.  AND IT IS ALL HIS FAULT, BY THE WAY. My husband unknowingly contributed to my social media obsession.

For my birthday he organized my family into getting me Best Buy gift certificates so that I might buy a laptop.  And for Christmas he bought me an iPhone, which means I am now connected ALL THE TIME.

Oh yes. He DID.

I am Tweeting(@MammaMania)

I am Whrrrling.

I am Facebooking. My BLOG is Facebooking. I am LinkedIn.

I am on YouTube,  for crying out loud.

People, I am everywhere.  All the time.

Which is why he is totally to blame. So he technically brought the whole “divorce issue” on himself.

Right? 🙂