It seems that I am all about strolling down memory lane these days.

I got a call from my old college roommate yesterday and it totally got me reminiscing.  And you know what? I figured out that I learned a very valuable lesson from her, albeit by mistake.

A little back story: I was blessed to live with three amazing  gals in college and we did everything together.  It was the perfect arrangement.

So one night, my roomies Katharine, Zoe, Jenny and I went to a party together.  It was the usual kind of party with the usual kind of people on the usual kind of college night.  And yeah, we had fun.

The next day I overheard Katharine on the phone with a pal talking about the “amazing”  and “wonderful” party she had attended and how it was “incredibly” fun.  Zoe and I just looked at each other joked about how we might not have been at the same party because that was NOT how we remembered it. At all.

Carrying the joke a bit further, I proposed that perhaps the difference between our life and Katharine’s was simply a series of better adjectives.

And you know what?  It was true.

And it IS STILL true for all of us. Think about that for a moment… your  life is essentially how  you describe it. So, what words are you using? Are they empowering? Positive?  Or are they defeating?

Now that I think about it, Katharine was always having tremendous experiences.  Nothing seemed to be insurmountable for her. Jen, Kat, Zoe, Jen(Except, for some reason, her finance class.)

There was a lesson in there for me. I have carried it with me and applied it to my life ever since.

And you know what? I’ve found that my life is nothing short of FABULOUS!