My children amaze me.  Sometimes they say the most profound things.  It is on those occasions that  I just wish I could capture the moment  in order to replay it for them later in life.

Young Jedi’s teacher sent me an excerpt of something he wrote for her because she was impressed with his thoughts.  He wrote about having courage.

I thought I might share it with you:nic

“I can’t GIVE courage, you have to fight your fears like crocodiles or snakes. That’s how you get courage. Courage is almost a feeling!  And you can’t give feelings because it is something you have inside.”


I must admit that I smile when I envision myself giving him the “fight your fears like crocodiles and snakes” talk later in life.  Like maybe when he is too afraid to ask a girl out or when he is worried about trying out for the soccer team.

Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside…