I am incredibly frustrated today.overeating

Today was not a good food day. I pretty much ate anything that was not nailed down.

GAH!!!  I really, really hate dieting.

I know, I know… dieting doesn’t WORK. I need to make a “lifestyle change.”


I know all of this. Truthfully, I know everything I need to know about it. I’ve worked in the fitness industry. I’ve studied books. Heck, I’ve even run two marathons.

It is all about food and control.  I envy women who have this control. I don’t have it.  I am at war with food.

So I am having a down day, you know?  On the up side, I am not going to let it beat me.  I’m going to forgive myself and start again in the morning.  Try to make up for the Mexican mess I ate for lunch and dinner. (Cheese, chips, tacos, cheese, salsa… Did I mention the cheese?)

So, in case you are in same boat as I with regards to food, I am listing a couple of links that might be helpful in YOUR battle of the bulge.

Jump Start Your Diet

Clean Eating <—awesome resource.

Bookie Boo.  Weird name. Excellent fitness community. They will keep you motivated!