Don’t ever ask me to get involved in international espionage.  I can already tell you that I would fail.  If the fate of the country rested in my hands, then let’s just say….y’all are toast.

I know this because every year birthday espionage gets harder. I don’t know why, but trust me, it is true.  This year, I almost failed….HORRIBLY.

What in the world am I talking about? Why, THE BIRTHDAY ROOM, of course.

Every birthday my husband and I conspire together in the wee hours of the morning to assemble a “birthday room” for the boys.  This basically consists of a ton of balloons all over the floor,  streamers draping across the ceilings and beds, and other random festive decorations.  So when the birthday boy wakes up on his big day…VOILA!  Birthday magic!2010 - The Birthday Boy!

Now, for some reason, each birthday gets harder.  Case in point: tomorrow is the Jedi’s birthday.  While we were in the process of assembling his room the boy woke up three times.  Each time I stood there frozen, streamers in hand, like a Greek statue hoping he wasn’t fully alert.  I couldn’t move. I didn’t even breathe.  I was petrified.

It took thirty minutes to put together a couple of balloons and some streamers.  I mean, REALLY!  Apparently I am like a bull in a china shop when it comes to my non stealthy ways.

However, I am happy to report that the mission was successful, despite the sad spy skills demonstrated by this mother.

In any event – here’s hoping Young Jedi wakes up to a terrific birthday!