I’m launching my own business in two weeks.  Let me say that again… I’M. LAUNCHING. MY. OWN. BUSINESS.


I’ve said it out loud.Launching My Own Business

What in the world am I thinking?

Remember my goals for 2010? I believe this one falls under the “hop off a cliff” and “take leave of my senses” category.  Wouldn’t you agree?  In any event, I am learning a lot.  A WHOLE LOT.

Like the fact that it is way easier to advise clients regarding their own logos, websites, written copy, marketing and social media than to DO IT FOR MYSELF.  You guys, I am a maniac.  I have thought and rethought and reworked and rewritten more in the last three weeks than IN MY LIFE.  I know you think that I am exaggerating.  But ask anyone close to me and they will tell you the truth.

Now, compounding this issue is the fact that I am still full time at my old job.  Remember that one?  The one I wrote about here? That job will finish up at the end of this month.  Theoretically, I will then be able to BREATHE.  Then again, maybe not.  Until that time I find myself mired in websites, marketing and all of that rigmarole.

So stay with me on this new business journey.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about it.  That is, unless I never actually get the darn copy done.