It is time to meet some of the Momz Share participants for the first quarter!  I’ll be featuring these fabulous women on my blog in the weeks leading up to the event.  Be sure to stop by their blogs to meet them!

Blogger Name: Amy Phillips

Blog : Accidental MusingsAmy @ Accidental Musings

Twitter Name: @amydpp

Give us the lowdown on your blog:

I call myself the Queen Of Inappropriate, Princess of Randomness, and the Duchess of the Non-Sequitur. And I am all that and more, baby! I can say the most inappropriate things and the most inopportune times, and have an opinion about everything. Then one day I realized that all this awesomeness needed to be shared, to be given to world, to give back to those who drive me NUTS. EVERY. DAMN. DAY. Do you not FEEL the love?

Most blog ‘experts’ will tell you that to have a successful blog you should pick one subject and stick with it. Sorry, my life it way to random for that.  So if you want a good mommyblogger, business blogger, SharePoint blogger, and or any coherent thought at all- you will be disappointed…a lot. Kind of like life, really.

But if you are like me and think that life is fun, and that you deserve to be graced with my opinion on everything then visit my blog. Cause on my blog you will find such fun things as:

  • The Daily Rant
  • How to not raise a tween
  • Why video games are are the best babysitter ever
  • How I make my living
  • Some cool links to just about everything….

Be Warned- it’s all about me….don’t let my greatness intimidate you!

Most surprising or coolest thing that has happened as a result of your blogging?

How cool are other bloggers? They have this “Everyone is Welcome”, let’s get together, how can I help you, I read your blog kind of attitude and I LOVE that. They also allow me to be as inappropriate as I wanna be. Rock ON!

Name one thing that might surprise people about you.

Even thought I am all about tech, I still salivate over good linen paper and fountain pens. I write a successful blog for my company. My husband has been in the Army for almost 14 years, and the last unit he was in was so secret that if I told you who it was I would have to kill you. (That’s three things, I was never good at following rules).

We all love to discover new blogs.  Name two of your favorite blogs on the internet and tell us what you love about them!

Pajamas and Coffee– A new discovery that has me laughing out loud.

The Bean– Why be sarcastic AND awesome all by yourself? This blog lets me know there are others…out there…somewhere- just like me!