Let’s give a big welcome to the second Momz Share participant for the first quarter!   Be sure to stop by her blog to meet her…

Name and Name of Blog: Jessica McFaddenJessica - A Parent In Silver Spring

Blog Name: A Parent in Silver Spring

Twitter name: JessicaAPISS

Other blogs that you write:

I contribute to A Parent in America on The Washington Times Communities and the DC Metro Moms Blog, I freelance in The Washington Post Weekend Section on family activities, I work writing for Nickelodeon Parents Connect, and on Thursday nights I appear on A Family Affair with Tommy McFly on Mix 107.3, DC’s #1 FM Radio Station to provide listeners with fun, out-of-the-ordinary weekend activities.

Tell us a little bit about your blog, A Parent In Silver Spring:

I am a family features writer.  I started A Parent in Silver Spring two years ago in order to help parents in the DC area easily find resources and fun activities to share with their kids.  I don’t preach – I’m just a fellow mom making oodles of mistakes – but I try and deliver the goods with a sense humor.

Most surprising or coolest thing that has happened as a result of your blogging?

By logging onto Blogger for a free blog and creating a homespun family resource in January 2008, I have been able to create a flexible, profitable career that incorporates educational fun for my children, keeps the kids as my top priority, but satisfies my dream of working as a writer.

Name one thing that might surprise people about you.

In my 20s I used to go out every night of the week, and in my 30s I’m now obsessed with all these daytime activities for kids (the shoes are sure more comfortable!)  I sleep with two cats on my feet but have an irrational fear of encountering undomesticated small mammals in the wild.   I love pretentious indie films and also tweenie bopper romances about traveling princesses wearing ice skating pants.  I used to be horribly messy until the ability to DVR all those home organization and hoarder shows straightened me out. Pretty standard really.

We all love to discover new blogs.  Name two of your favorite blogs on the internet (with links) and briefly tell what you love about them.

Only two?  How about two types of blogs?  And I have got to keep it within the DC area family or we’ll be here all day!

For fellow resource blogs, I think that AutMont, Baby BunchingMothers With Cancer, Teach Mama & Tech Savvy Mama are incredible sources of information and I am inspired by the work they are doing.

For personal blogs, I think that Jodifur, Lemmonex, LivitLuvit, MamaLaw (the masterminds behind Blogalicious), Mommy Needs A Cocktail, Not a Girl, Not Yet a WinoPetrovilleSmiling Mama, BananaBlueberry, DC Urban Dad, Caffeinated, Laundry for Six, and heck all of the voices at DC Metro Moms and The Washington Times Communities (um no, they don’t pay me to say that) are distinctive and should receive a tiara-wearing place in your RSS.