I saw a post the other day by Resourceful Mommy about “hybrid” mom bloggers.  According to Amy and her pal from A Cowboy’s Wife, a hybrid mom blogger can find a way to work with brands to build their business without loosing their blogging identity. The two are teaming up and hoping to present a panel at the Blogher conference this year.

Their proposal? mommybloggerhybridMB 2.0 blogs about her life, her kids, her family…the products she loves, the products she’s trying, and the products she’s giving away to her readers. For many of us this is a natural fit. We were already e-mailing other moms to tell them how much we loved our Graco strollers and going on local Yahoo forums to find out if anyone could recommend the best diaper. Bringing this aspect of our lives online along with the proud mama, angry wife, motivated woman ramblings just comes naturally.

This “hybrid” theory sums me up perfectly.  I’ve always felt that my blogging philosophy didn’t quite fit in. Essentially, I would categorize myself as more of a content girl.  When I go to blogs I go for the blogger’s stories. I want to get to know the ladies behind the writing.  I enjoy reading about their life journey, their mishaps and their unique perspective. If I hit a blog that is nothing but giveaways and coupons, well, I rarely stay long.  But that is just ME.

I know there is an entire segment of bloggers that create content that is primarily focused on brands and products… and that is completely okay.  It is just not my gig.  HOWEVER – the hybrid bloggers will keep me hanging around.  If there is a good mix of product and content then you’ve got me hooked.  Because I, like many other ladies I know, cannot deny the fact that I rely on other moms as a resource for information.

So I guess I fit right in to what Resourceful Mommy and A Cowboy’s Wife are proposing.  And guess what?  I’m going to Blogher2010 as well… So if they get to present, guess who will be sitting in the front row of that session?

If this is something you are interested in hearing more about as well,  then be sure to hop over to Amy’s blog and vote for their proposed panel.  She’ll show you how!

I’m really happy that this dialogue is beginning.