Let’s give a big welcome to the third Momz Share participant for the first quarter!   Be sure to stop by her blog to meet her…

Lolli - Better In Bulk

Name: Lolli

Blog: Better in Bulk Better in Bulk

Twitter name: 1momof5

Tell us a little bit about your blog:

I am first and foremost the mother of 5 beautiful children. I’m a mother by choice, a teacher by degree, a photographer by profession, and a blogger by chance. When I started blogging, I had no idea how much I’d enjoy telling the stories of my family’s life….and that I’d be telling my stories to strangers who would become some of my best friends. When I’m not blogging or taking pictures, I’m probably reading a good book while preparing dinner, planning cub scouts, and helping kids with homework. In my spare time, I support my husband in developing foreign language software. I also try to sleep every once in a while.

I use my blog to document life with a big family, plus I offer weekly photography tutorials (called Bloggography) with photo challenges. Plus, I love to do giveaways!

Most surprising or coolest thing that has happened as a result of your blogging?

The absolute coolest thing that has happened as a result of blogging was being asked to speak at a conference. I’m still in shock! I will be teaching a class on photography at the upcoming Casual Bloggers Conference in Salt Lake City  as well as collaborating on a class on social media.

Or maybe the coolest thing was meeting Uma Thurman, Minnie Driver, and Anthony Edwards in New York City to interview them for my blog. Hmm. It’s all about getting that 5 minutes of fame, isn’t it?

What do you love the most about blogging?

I love the relationships and connections I have made through blogging, and I love the way that blogging has challenged me and kept me very busy and active. Some days, it’s a lot of work for very little pay (hmm…sounds like being a mom!) but it has been rewarding for me none the less.

Favorite Blogs:

Mama’s Losin’ It : Mama Kat’s humor makes me laugh out loud daily. And I love the fact that my whole family can (and does!) read her and love her humor, too. And after being her roomie at a recent conference, I can testify that she is the real deal.

Manic Mother: Manic Mother is not only a mom with bipolar disorder, but she is the mom of a little boy with cancer. But despite her trials, she looks at life with optimism and spunk. I love her perspective on life. She is also my co-host of our weekly photography tutorials and challenges (Bloggography).