My mother gave me tons of good advice growing  up.


At least, that is what I remember.  Much of her wisdom must have have sunk in because overall I think I turned out pretty well.  Meaning: I’ve never been to jail.  Technically, I have been read my rights and handcuffed but I NEVER WENT TO JAIL.

Oh dear, did I just say that out loud?

Okay, so maybe her words of wisdom weren’t all THAT GOOD.  Or maybe I was just a crazy teenager? Anyway…

For whatever reason, there is one piece of advice that my mom delivered to me that stands out in my mind to this very day.  I will never EVER forget it.  Probably because it stunned me into silence.

Her advice?  “Jenny, don’t ever let a guy take a picture of you naked.  You’ll always regret it.”


Oh yes, she actually imparted that wisdom on me.  And I remember that moment as clear as day.  Wouldn’t you?  I have never figured out what prompted it.   Was my little warped 15 year old mind considering posing for Playboy or something?  (Not!) Just for the record – My mom actually denies that little morsel of intelligence.  She says she has no idea what I am talking about and that she never said that.

Sure you didn’t mom.  (I so totally know that I am right.)

So there you have it folks.  Words of wisdom for the day: Don’t pose naked for anyone. You can thank my mom for it later.