Okay, friends.  We are coming down to the wire with the job thing. I am almost there.  Two days closer to owning my own business.  Woo hoo!

As I told you in this post, I had to make some  hard choices with regards to my family.  And because of that I quit my full-time position with a regional non-profit and am going into business for myself.  Not to rehash the reasoning, but for anyone who is new here… it basically boiled down to being there for my family and having more control over my schedule.  I am tired of not being there for classroom parties.  Tired of not having time to schedule doctor’s appointments.  I’m tired of being, well, TIRED.

I gave my organization two months notice and as of MONDAY I will move into a contracting role with them and commence to launching my own  business.  I’ll give you more details on that once the site is up.  (Patience, grasshopper!)

SOOOO…. that means I have two days left of the daily “grind” and then maybe I will be able to breathe again.  Or maybe not.  Either way I plan to work at least one day a week in my pajamas.  <—- Lofty goal, huh?