Dear Apple,

Get a woman on your marketing team STAT.  (Or perhaps you need to start listening to them!) What WERE you thinking?  The iPad?

(Snickering) Really?

Even if I wanted to purchase this product, I would never use the name.  EVER. And for the record, I am not typically drawn in to this type of humor.  But you just… well, you just made it so EASY to laugh at. Steve, baby, did you never see this in 2007?

I’m just sayin’….  And while I am thinking about it,  what guy is gonna say that name out loud without hearing the sanitary napkin mockery in his brain?  iPad

I think my pal Virginia tweeted  it best yesterday: “I don’t know. I think I’ll wait till they develop the iTampon. I’d like to be able to swim with it.”

And THAT is what you get Apple.  Do a little more research next time and don’t ignore you gut instinct.


A Tech Lovin’ Mamma

If you are interested, more mockery can be found here, or here or here...  And as an aside:  I once met Jay Livingston, songwriter extraordinaire, and he told me that his famed song “Silver Bells” was originally named “Tinkle Bells” until his wife gave him the lowdown on what women think of when they hear the word “tinkle.”  HE ACTUALLY LISTENED.  Steve might learn a thing or two from good ole Jay’s wisdom.