Jean "Stimey"

Let’s give a big welcome to another  Momz Share participant for the first quarter!   Go visit her blog (s) and say hi!  (Seriously, she has a million!)

Name and Name of Blog: Jean, a.k.a. Stimey; Stimeyland

Other blogs you write?

Twitter name: @Stimey

Tell us a little bit about your blog!
My main blog, Stimeyland, is all about life with me and my family. We’re a weird little bunch, so it’s often quirky and funny. At least I hope it is.

I have three little dudes-Sam (8), Jack (6), and Quinn (4). My middle son is autistic, so I write quite a bit about my family’s experience with autism as well.

My tag line for Stimeyland is “Life. Autism. Gerbils.” I write about my life, autism, and, well, furry little creatures with a funny name. I don’t have gerbils, but I think they’re funny. Occasionally I get to gerbil-sit, whereupon I subject my readers to copious amounts of gerbil photography.

One of my main philosophies is when the choice is between laughing and crying, you should try to laugh. So that’s what I try to do on my blog.

What do you love the most about blogging?

I blog in order to express myself and for community. The support and practical advice I have gotten by blogging about my special needs family has been incredible and life-changing. I think another benefit of blogging about my family is that when they get older, my children will have a record of their young lives, as well as a picture of their mother as a person.

Blogging has given me both confidence in and enjoyment of myself as a writer. Plus, I have met some incredible friends through the screen. Win-win. Win.

One thing that might surprise people about me?

My husband says that the thing that would surprise people about me is that, and I quote, “You are an ass.” Nice. I say that the thing that might surprise people the most is that I am a very shy person and have tremendous social anxiety. Which seems strange, considering I share pretty much every idiotic thing I do with the world. But there you have it.

Name a couple of your favorite blogs!

My internet soul sister in Jen at Problem Girl.  She is hilarious, has a good heart, and can frequently be found hiding in the bushes in front of my house. Too bad for her, I’m not home because I’m out stalking her.

I’m also madly in love with Swistle , who peppers her posts with these ingenious little phrases that kill me every time. But seriously, who doesn’t love Swistle?

Plus, I adore so many of my local blogging buddies as well as my special needs blogging friends. I hate making these lists because I always leave out someone I love and then I feel bad. So let’s just say that I left off my favorite local blogger and my favorite special needs blogger on purpose. If you’re not on this list, it’s because I love you best.