Let’s give a big welcome to another Momz Share participant for the first quarter! Go visit her blog and say hi!

Name and Name of Blog: Bailey Vincent Clark of Makeover MommaMakeover Momma

I also write for My Classy Girl.net with fellow mom blogger “A Mom In Red High Heels” For mothers of daughters…

Twitter name: @makeovermomma

Tell us a little bit about your blog: I wrote the Makeover Momma book (not yet published) and created the website right after the birth of my first daughter. I had been working as a certified personal trainer and health professional for newly post-partum moms, and really want to combine small, practical bits of information (for fashion, fitness, nutrition andbeauty) that could let moms feel their best, when they’re short on time, money and energy.

Name one thing that might surprise people about you: If you follow me on Twitter you might already know this, but I am actually legally deaf (almostcompletelyprofound), but had enough hearing as a child that myspeechwas unaffected. Recently, my second daughter (7 months old) was diagnosed as hard of hearing, so our family is embarking on learning sign language (and hoping to be fluent soon!)

Aside from blogging, what would you name as some of your passions? I have been writing for an editor since I was 13 years old, but I of course have always loved teaching dancing part-time as well (ballet, jazz, tap), homeschooling both of my girls, and have always loved fictional writing (that was my first love, far before journalism!)

Name two of your favorite blogs on the internet!

  • I am newly interested in The Beauty Buff Blog.com. It is a brand new beauty-centered website (started by a former makeup artist), who really breaks down the “ins and outs” of makeup and products.
  • Is it a complete “sell out” to say that I honestly love the blogs of my fellow mommy-friends Jennifer (duh, from Hip As I Wanna Be) and Lara? I don’t care… I love their honest, open opinions!