Let’s give a big welcome to another Momz Share participant for the first quarter! Go visit her blog and laugh hysterically!

Name and Name of Blog: Amanda of parenting BY dummies

Other ventures? http://thenagainphotography.comAmanda

Twitter name: @thenagainphoto

Tell us a little bit about your blog: parenting BY dummies is a guide to parenting by someone who has tried everything you don’t want to do. Well, actually it’s less of a guide and more of a warning. Written by a photo loving, talkaholic, SAHM of 3 boys known affectionately to her readers as Dumb Mom, parenting BY dummies is a mostly happy, always chaotic, semi disorganized, but 100% honest blog about motherhood, boyhood, and awesomeness. Emphasis on the awesomeness. Dumb Mom’s partner in crime, Dumb Dad, rarely shows up on the blog as the consensus is that he’s cute but has next to nothing constructive to contribute. P.S. Enjoying some laughs at my expense is both expected and encouraged.

Most surprising or coolest thing that has happened as a result of your blogging? That people read it. I’m still surprised/flabbergasted/confused that people come to my blog and read it and act like they like it. Now that my followers list is growing to a more respectable number, I’m starting to think people do a lot of pressure following of my blog. Like, they get there and see that I have like 500 followers and think, “Oooh, she must be good, all these people like her, I better like her too!”. And, I’m totally fine with that. I mean that’s what I do so I totally get it. I guess that’s just my I-wanna-be-a-cool-kid-high-school-dork talking, but whatever. As long as you come visit parenting BY dummies from time to time and praise me shamelessly, I mean leave a comment, I don’t care what got you over there. Even if you’re like the jerkwad that keeps searching for “teen boys tight jeans” and landing on my I-hate-teen-clothing-trends-because-I’m-too-old-to-pull-them-off post, I’m okay with that, but I do hope you find something else you enjoy as well and possibly think about getting some help.

Aside from blogging, what would you name as some of your passions? Photography. It’s pretty much the only other thing I like to do because it makes me feel all special (it’s not “just the camera” I swear it’s not) and creative and it gets me outta the house. Plus, it makes people super happy to see nice photos of themselves and their kids and I kinda like that. Making people happy is sorta my thing.

We all love to discover new blogs. Name two of your favs!

Knitter Mama: She’s all relaxed and zen and the total opposite of me and my parenting style that she makes me feel calm and centered when I read it. Plus, she’s #1’s godmother so I love her IRL too!

Blog Baby: Hilarious! Plus Blog Baby and her brother are shamefully cute. It’s an honest and open blog written by a Canadian photog mom. Even though she’s going through some tough things right now she’s still keeping it real and I love that about her.