I would like to introduce to you my husband’s new mistress. Because of this woman I have been left alone to fend for myself in a house filled with mischievous boys for a week.

She is very beautiful.  Oh yes.  Of course. Or at least everyone ELSE seems to think she is.  I, however, am not amused.  I find her abrasive and unyielding.  Basically, she is a wench.

Her name? SNOW.  And she is the mistress of all evil.

This is as much as I have seen of my husband for days. *Waving* "Hi honey!"

Now, most men can resist her siren song.  They patiently wait it out and pace themselves with regards to the amount of shoveling they are called to do.


He is out there constantly.  I understand his reasoning but my point of view is, “Dude! It just keeps coming down. You can’t win! Give it up and come inside.”

But what do I know?

It was the last thing he did before he went to bed late last night. It was the first thing he did when he got up this morning… and he is still doing it. He hasn’t even had his coffee yet. That, to me, is insanity.

Coffee before all things… especially the snow mistress.

And speaking of insanity – Have you ever seen “The Shining?”  I’m worried that I am on the road to that right now.  Cause seriously, how much more of this snow can we possibly take?  We are currently in the middle of our second BLIZZARD in four days.  If my power or Internet goes out I might be re-enacting this scene with the Comcast/Allegheny people.  Just a warning, yo.

My friend Amanda has a funny post up today … sort of an ode to the snow: “Bloody snow, bloody snow, bloody snow!”