Do you know that on March 6th my blog will be one year old? I know, right? Craziness! In this year I have met so many amazing people and truly learned from some great mentors. (Whether they knew they were my mentors or not.) 

One of the bloggers I have consistently learned from is Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife. She has always been supportive and very positive.  I feel very blessed that I stumbled across her blog early on.  I’ve subscribed to her feed forever, it seems. Her post on Friday about a lesson she learned from attending Blissdom struck me as BRILLIANT!  In my opinion, it is all about gratitude. It is about giving back to the community that supports you by recognizing their role in your success. So I am going to copy that sentiment and incorporate it into my blog each month by recognizing the five sites that have brought the most visitors to Hip As I Wanna Be. Thank you all so very, very much!

January 2010

1. Frederick Maryland Online
2. Mama’s Losin’ It
3. Parenting BY Dummies
4. Twofer Mom
5. Keeping Up With MK

I’d also like to give a bit of a round-up of the top ten most popular posts for that month.  BUT since this is my first “gratitude” re-cap, I decided to do the top five most popular posts since I began blogging here last year.  (Kinda fascinating, actually.)

1. Stuff I’m Going To Do Thanks To Ellie
2. One Of The Worst Decisions I Ever Made
3. Listen Up, Hollywood!
4. Announcing: Momz Share
5. Balancing Career And Home… Hard Choices

And that is my gratitude round-up for January!  Hope you find a new blog to visit or perhaps a post of mine that you hadn’t read yet.  Cheers!