It’s been a difficult couple of weeks people. Because of the two blizzards, my kids have now been on break since February 5th. Couple that with the fact that I launched a new business on February 1st and well, its been kinda, CHALLENGING. 

Case in point, to the left is today’s “desk.” I had to move all of my work downstairs with the kiddos while they watch iCarly re-runs. (Note to self: Don’t try to be concentrate while “random dancing” is on.)

The biggest challenge has been dealing with the need for ORGANIZATION. Even the word itself is intimidating, let alone with kids who have been on snow break for nine days. I’m trying to organize the business, clients, tasks, blog responsibilities, the Momz Share event and my little ones. Maybe it is me, but I am finding it hard to concentrate and focus. Know what I mean?

How do YOU  juggle the responsibilities of  parenthood and business / blogging during times like this?  (Besides consuming copious amounts of alcohol before noon?)